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[Meme] Kyio's Luceti Q&A: Zack

Kyio's Luceti Q&A Meme

1) Height: 6'3"

2) Weight: No canon weight. He's a healthy guy with a lot of muscle, so for his height he'd be around 170-190 lbs. Nice healthy BMI calculated here.

3) Eye color/Hair Color: Zack's hair is black, pretty normal. His eyes, on the other hand, are blue, but interesting in that they're infused with mako and therefore have an inner-glow. Yes it is a little freaky. But characters have also called it beautiful :|b It's here.

4) Age: 23

5) Voice: I prefer Zack's Japanese VA (he's actually my favourite). You can listen here.

6) Who does the housework in their house/apartment?: The idea is that Aerith does whatever chores she wants and Zack does whatever chores she doesn't. (What a wife, eh.) During the winter when it snows he also bulldozes through shoveling the walkways leading from C4 to C7, then all the way back to the plaza.

7) Their favorite (and least favorite, if you want) foods and who does the cooking in their house/apartment?: He likes pizza and really meaty foods, mostly. Not a huge fan of veggies but he'll eat them. (had too many as a kid- darn farming village D|) Cooking duties are shared with Aerith, though she's much better at it.

8) What they do during an average day in Luceti: Zack exercises a lot, and spends a fair amount of time socializing when he can. He hangs out with Aerith and harasses Lightning whenever possible. |Db He's also joined Brave Vesperia, so that's been added to his schedule too.

9) Their general sense of fashion: He's pretty casual- or at least, he's getting to be. Loose shirts, baggy pants, open necklines. Those little short-sleeved jacket shirts with a tank top underneath and a pair of shorts- something like that. ...In summer, anyway. Since it's winter he bundles up enough to not look insane. Also since Guy dragged him shopping before work one day, he's been starting to experiment with the business-casual look for his bartending shifts.

10) Do they have any hobbies? Did they come up with these hobbies in Luceti, or was it something they always did?: SQUATS. ...Yeah exercise is really his forte, he doesn't go very far outside his comfort zone. He's tried other stuff, but nothing stuck. He likes to explore, and since joining the Good Spirits roster he's been experimenting with drink mixes.

11) Has the situation in Luceti changed their view on certain topics/the way they react to different things?: Zack's comfortable with most things, honestly; the only people he has issues with are scientists, and he hasn't talked to any in Luceti who would change his mind.

12) Do they have a weapon? If so, do they carry it at all times or just under certain circumstances?: He did at first, but the more used to Luceti he became, the less often he brought it along. When there's some kind of danger around or he's exercising/training, he has his Buster Sword with him.

13) Who are their neighbors?: Immediately nearby would be Karai, Cameron, Cerule, Piers, and Jack Horner; the rest of C4 would be next. After that it's Terra, Ventus, and the residents of house 49 and 50, who he doesn't know.

14) How long have they been in Luceti? Has that length of time impacted them in any way?: It's been less than a year, so he hasn't really changed at all. With he and Aerith officially broken up and Cloud having forgotten everything, though (even without him in Luceti now), he's slightly disillusioned. Not emo or anything, just. Slightly startled at how fail his life back home is.

15) Their favorite areas/stores/hang-out locations?: Ehhhh... besides the apartment where his friends are, he's not really particular? He likes going to Good Spirits, and he likes chilling out in the rec center sometimes. He's boggled by the fact that he apparently built it.

16) Wing color and how do they deal with their wings?: His wings are green, bright like the colour of mako. (He hates the colour, lol.) He does whatever feels comfortable with doing, clothing-wise. If he's wearing his uniform with the sword on, he packs them nice and tight under his shirt and makes sure they're padded a bit so the weight of the Buster doesn't break them. It's required some mods on the clasp that keeps it in place.

17) Did they change or grow in any way physically since coming to Luceti?: Nope, hasn't been long enough. Plus he's pretty much fully grown, so he's not going to go through any major changes.

18) What do they miss the most from home?: Traveling. He loves the village, he loves his friends, and he loves being free, but he's an extremely adventurous guy, and being stuck in one place when he's used to traveling all over the place really reminds him of Nibelheim, and that hurts more than he lets on. It also makes him a bit twitchy; cabin fever is not fun, especially when you're a SOLDIER.

19) What does their handwriting look like? Do they write the way they talk, or is there a clear difference between the two?: Probably kinda messy. He doesn't write much- he greatly prefers voice posts. He speech patterns probably are very clear even when he has to write, though.

20) Is the way they act in person different from the way they act over the journal system?: Nope! Zack is Zack, regardless of the nature of the meeting |D He's probably more physically antsy in person, but for the most part he's very similar either way.

21) Did they gain/lose any personal goals during their stay in Luceti?: Mostly the same as before- get free, get home, find a way to keep living after a place like Nibelheim. Helping Cloud and going back to Aerith aren't really part of the old goals, per se, since he knows Cloud is fine and Aerith is living with him. He'd like them to return home safe together, though.

22) Is Luceti a technological upgrade, or downgrade for them? Have they adapted to these changes well?: Downgrade! And to be honest it's kind of boring him. He misses the Shinra motorcycle that Cissnei gave him :c At least it's not as bad as it used to be...

23) FOR STUDENTS: What is their favorite class? What is their least favorite class? What about their general behavior in school?: N/A

24) Do they have any special talents? If so, what are they?: Besides his SOLDIER modifications, which pretty much make him a super-soldier, there isn't much to mention.

25) Anything else you want to note?: CANON/FANON TL;DR? |D;; I haven't updated that post since I reapped him, though, so take some of that with a grain of salt.